What People Are Saying About Us

‘The best thing I have even done’ Dan

‘We had so much fun and the ladies where amazing, so strong, so funny and great wrestlers’ Barry

‘Right from the start the information and communication was amazing. These ladies know their stuff and like to get down. I cannot recommend them enough’ Roger 

‘This is not just an oil wrestling party it is a whole big event. Music, DJ, Bar, Hot Wrestlers and the referee/host the fantastic ‘Thunder from down under’ we were not expecting so much and for everything to be so easy for us’ Abe

‘We will be talking about this for years…loved how they personalised our party for our stag, it made it even more funny as he never saw it coming’ Muhammad

‘Thunder knows what she is doing, her and her ladies are not only amazing wrestlers they are as funny as hell. Good clean, well oily, fun’ Josh