About Us

Oil Wrestling Parties UK is the longest-running and best-reviewed oil wrestling company in the UK. Our newest venue is the world famous Resistance Gallery, home of Lucha Britannia Mexican wrestling! We now have a fully-stocked cash bar, so we’re all set to provide you with even bigger and better unforgettable oil wrestling parties!

What You Get


  • First up is a hot, oily wrestling demo from our gorgeous ladies!
  • Next, the guest of honour gets special wrestling attention!
  • Then it’s everyone’s turn to have a go!
  • Anyone who doesn’t fancy wrestling can take videos and photos.
  • The bar is open throughout the event for everyone!


  • Group sizes are from 10 – 30.
  • Event duration is 90 minutes.
  • Event price is dependent on group size.
  • Event details and pricing are finalised prior to event.
  • Great fun for men or women (or both!) 18 years and older.
  • We are available for all parties and events